The documentation of software is an everyday business of a software developer and engineer. Especially for integration scenarios a diagram on the flow of a message through the system or the whole landscape is an essential illustration. Fortunately there are standardised messaging patterns which can be used. Unfortunately, however, there is no tool which can create such visualizations out of the box directly of source code. In this article we will have a look at Apache Camel and how it is possible to get a graphical representation of an integration route. We will also discuss about debugging it, as some tools have the feature to do this.


Author:Martin Kurz
Tags:integration, java, debugging
Categories:integration, development

Imagine your’re working on a bigger feature in a complex piece of software. Your implementation is complete, all tests in scope turned green and you push your changes for integration testing. Then, some integration tests from a completely different module fail and you have no clue which change may have caused this. Now you start analyzing the issue. Probing your commits by hand would end up in a very tedious process for sure. Thankfully git can do all the work for you, while you enjoy a cup of coffee.

The high-level command git bisect allows you to automatically run a specified test procedure, while it’s crawling through your commit history to find the bad revision.


Author:Sven Hettwer
Tags:git, debugging, automation
Categories:development, git