check_aaccli is a plugin für Nagios, which checks the health of Adaptec SCSI Raid Controllers (which may identify themselves also as IBM ServeRAID). This is accomplished by using the aaccli command, which must be installed. The plugin checks the health of single disks (S.M.A.R.T) and containers of type "Mirror". Stripes are not supported.


Usually the plugin is called without any parameters:

nagios$ check_aaccli
OK - no problems (4 disks, 2 containers)

For debugging purposes it can be called with the -v option. It will then output the detailed status of each checked component.

nagios$ check_aaccli -v
collecting controller informations
calling sudo -S /sbin/aaccli controller list
calling sudo -S /sbin/aaccli open /readonly aac0 :
     disk show smart /full
calling sudo -S /sbin/aaccli open /readonly aac0 :
     container list /full
checking controller aac0
checking disk 0:0:0
checking disk 0:2:0
checking disk 0:3:0
checking disk 0:1:0
checking mirror 255
checking mirror 254
OK - no problems (4 disks, 2 containers)


  • After unpacking the Archive, call the ./configure command. Attention should be paid to the --with-noinst-level option which defines the exit code of the plugin if no aaccli binary was installed.
  • Grab the aaccli/aacapps package suitable for your Linux distribution and install it. See the list of links below where to find it.
  • If you run check_aaccli as a non-root user you will need sudo-privileges which allow you to call aaccli as root without providing a password.


More examples for different error conditions:

Self-Diagnosis of a disk warns about imminent failure:

nagios$ check_aaccli
WARNING - disk 0:1:0 s.m.a.r.t counts 2221 errors A Mirror half has failed:

A Mirror half has failed:

nagios$ ./check_aaccli
CRITICAL - mirror 255 broken

Failed mirror half was replaced:

nagios$ ./check_aaccli
WARNING - mirror 255 rebuilding (39%)



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  • 2008-05-05 1.1.1 Raid5
  • 2007-09-11 1.0 first public version.


Gerhard Lausser

Check_aaccli is released under the GNU General Public License. GPL


Gerhard Lausser ( will gladly answer your questions.