About three or four years ago I had the first contact with AngularJs (obviously V1.x) and what should I say? I loved it! It perfectly added the missing piece that JQuery wasnt able to solve: Bind data to the Dom in an easy way. Since this days there where a lot of evolution in Javascriptland. A lot of new Frameworks for entire SPAs, new techniques like functional and reactive programming, a lot (!) of build systems / task manager and even the language itself developed towards an serious programming language (I know some people have a different opinion). At least with the power of Typescript (or Flow) Javascript projects doenst have to be a Pain. Angular2+ took many of the the mordern aspects to provide a good and productive developer experience to develop application in time, quality and budget. Dont get me wrong: They made a very good job! But I have personally some concerns which I want to point out in this post.


Author:Tim Keiner
Tags:javascript, angular, angular2