SSL - No more excuses

There are many reasons to enable encryption on your webserver and since Let’s Encrypt openend its public beta, there are no more excuses to not use ssl. Besides the official scripts, programs and webpage, there is also already a Perl module Crypt::LE available which uses the Lets Encrypt API and makes requesting and renewing certificates super easy and most important… scriptable.


Author:Sven Nierlein
Tags:perl, letsencrypt, ssl, tls, hsts
Categories:apache, ssl

With LWP you can easily upload a file from within a perl script. To add some sugar this small example shows how to show a progressbar during the upload. This is especially useful for giving feedback while uploading large files. This technique is based on LWP’s DYNAMIC_FILE_UPLOAD hook for sending files chunk by chunk. BTW, this feature is a good thing anyway in order to avoid sucking large files completely into memory before doing an upload.


Author:Roland Huß
Tags:LWP, Perl
Monitoring-Workshop 2017 12./13.9. Düsseldorf