At this year’s [FOSDEM] conference I did a 30 minutes presentation on [Monitoring Legacy Java Applications with Prometheus]. The talk gives an overview of some of the options you have for monitoring Java applications with [Prometheus] when you cannot modify the application’s source code:

  • Logfile monitoring ([grok_exporter]), and how it differs from [Elastic stack]
  • Blackbox monitoring ([blackbox_exporter])
  • JMX ([jmx_exporter])
  • Write your own Java agent ([])

The video is available below.


Author:Fabian Stäber
Tags:PrometheusIO, Java, FOSDEM, talk, grok_exporter, promagent

At this year’s [FOSDEM] conference I did a 20 minutes presentation on how to implement tail -f in [Go]. The video is available below.

Abstract: As part of a log file monitoring tool, I implemented a file tailer that keeps reading new lines from log files. This turned out to be much more challenging than I thought, especially because it should run on multiple operating systems and it should be robust against logrotate. In this 20 Minutes talk I will present the lessons learned, the pitfalls and dead-ends I ran into.


Author:Fabian Stäber
Tags:golang, grok_exporter, conference, FOSDEM, talk

For FOSDEM 2017, there are two DevRooms where ConSol employees are among the organizers.

Accordingly, the two devrooms have combined CfPs, so that you can submit your container cloud talk in just one place. These devrooms are interested in talks about:

  • Monitoring containerized services
  • Automating cloud deployments
  • Developing and administering microservices
  • Container orchestration
  • Continuous Integration & Deployment
  • Prometheus, Kubernetes, Docker, CRIO, etc.
  • New projects and technology
  • Other container and cloud native talks

Submit Talk Proposals by November 26th on our CfP Page:

Author:Gerhard Laußer
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