ConSol CM brings BPM to a CRM system. In-house ConSol CM is used to process cases of a wide range of types. Amongst others it also maps the sales process. For that purpose a new sales case is created automatically or manually every time a sales opportunity or lead comes up. To these cases, information can be added concerning the communication with the customer, the origin of the opportunities and others.

Within a research and development project the scope was to predict the success for open sales cases, using machine learning algorithms. This way, sales employees would know already in an early stage if the opportunity most probably will be successful or how to adapt their strategy during the sales process to increase the chances for success.


Which programming language should we use to write monitoring check_plugins? This question rose some discussion and this post is trying to give some hints.


Author:Philip Griesbacher
Tags:bash, c, go, java, perl, python
Categories:development, monitoring

During evaluation of the migration of a customer’s Nagios installation to the Shinken monitoring system, i encountered a strange problem. Reading the configuration from a few files (hosts.cfg, services.cfg, etc) took a reasonable amount of time. But as soon as i divided the configuration into lots of smaller files (one directory for each host with several services files within), it took nearly an hour. What happened?


Author:Gerhard Laußer
Tags:Python, Shinken