OMD 0.54 is available

OMD-LOGO_FINAL2 The developer team of OMD (Open Monitoring Distribution) released the version 0.54 today. This version contains bugfixes and lots of updated packages including Shinken 1.0.1, Thruk 1.26, PNP4Nagios 0.6.17, NagVis 1.6.5 and many more.

Using the OMD Repository an update is as simple as a "apt-get install omd". Or similar on rpm based distributions. After installation of OMD, you have to update your sites. Better try this with a copy of your production site first.


 #> apt-get update
 #> apt-get install omd
 #> omd cp prod update_test
 #> omd update update_test



OMD 0.54 also includes a MongoDB, which is primarily used as log backend for Shinken's livestatus module. (If you activate MongoDB either by using the graphical GUI omd config or via command line omd config set MONGODB on, the shinken-specific.cfg will automatically contain logstore_mongodb instead of the default logstore_sqlite)

The bad news….we have a bug in the mongodb-init-script.
You can repair it with the following command:

mkdir tmp/mongodb
cp etc/mongodb/mongod.cfg tmp/mongodb

before you start the site.

Author: Gerhard Laußer
Categories: nagios, omd, shinken, thruk