Let’s welcome the new kid on the labs.consol block: Jolokia.

Jolokia is a fresh way for accessing JMX MBeans remotely. For those who
know jmx4perl, Jolokia is currently not much more than jmx4perl’s Java agent
in disguise.

Future versions of jmx4perl will rely on the Jolokia
agent. The ratio behind this split is to attract more Java developers
in order to extend the agent or pick it up for inclusion in their products.
Therefore Jolokia is released under the Apache License.

This move makes sense anyway, since the agent is by no way tied to Perl
alone, but open for any sort of client bindings. In fact, a JavaScript
binding is already in the pipeline, Stephan is working on it. Also, the
intersection of Java and Perl lovers is neglible anyway ;-).

An overview of Jolokia can be found on our labs landing page.

Ah, yes, there is a dedicated website for Jolokia, too:

A lot thanks to ConSol for sponsoring and Allez (and especially to Sorin)
for doing the artwork. Acknowledgments also go to Stephan Beal for proofreading most
parts of the site.

Author: Roland Huß
Categories: jolokia