Jmx4Perl 0.72

Jmx4Perl 0.72 has been released which is a pure bug-fix release.

Not very exiting, but Jmx4Perl has been polished further. The latest 0.71 and 0.72 releases contain no new features but the following bug-fixes:

0.72 (2010-9-24)
   - Fixed problem with quotes in the config when using "Value"
     and/or "Base".
   - Adapted tomcat.cfg to be more flexible (e.g. replaced 'Catalina'
     domain part by a wildcard).
   - Fixed bug for merged MBeanServers when using multiple attributes
     and/or MBean patterns for a READ request
   - Fixed broken --target, --target-user and --target-password for
     check_jmx4perl (same for --proxy and co.)
   - Tuned output of complex data in j4psh
   - Unwrap an MBeanException to use the target exception for an error
   - Agent tested with Mule 3.0
0.71 (2010-8-16)
   - Added 'ns' as unit (CpuThreadTime returns nano seconds)
   - Fixed quoting of performance data in so far to let
     Nagios::Plugin the complete control
   - Fixed '--color' option and UseColor config directive
     (section: <Shell>) to j4psh
   - Added detection of a suitable pager for j4psh
   - Fixed bug in server configuration when using old style syntax

Thanks to all bug reporters, patchers and supporters for improving Jmx4Perl !

Author: Roland Huß
Categories: jmx4perl