jmx4perl 0.51 released

Jmx4perl 0.51 has been released.

Welcome to the next round in the jmx4perl journey. The new release 0.51 contains beside bug fixes the following changes:

  • A new proxy mode allows for usage of jmx4perl without the need to deploy an agent servlet on the target platform. All you need is to deploy the j4p.war on a dedicated servlet container (preferably Tomcat or Jetty) which accesses the target platform via JSR-160 based JMX remoting. The target server needs to be prepared for JMX remoting, though. More information can be found in a previous post. Some hints for enabling JMX remoting with JBoss and Weblogic has been posted here.

  • --target option has been added to check_jmx4perl and jmx4perl for enabling the usage of the jmx4perl proxy

  • A Mule agent has been added for direct usage of jmx4perl when using Mule’s standalone mode. The agent is not distributed within the standard release, but can easily be fetched from our maven repository. For the mule setup please refer to the included Manual or to this post.

That’s the christmas present for this year ;-) Be prepared for some exciting additions to jmx4perl next year ….

[Well, the original release 0.50, had some packaging issues which resulted in a bogus agent war within
the distribution. That’s the sole reason for 0.51, which fixes this issue. This is the real present ;-) The agent j4p-war-0.50.war in our repository had no problem,

Author: Roland Huß
Categories: jmx4perl