A very first look at monitoring in Glassfish v3

Glassfish Enterprise Server v3 has been released yesterday and it brings some exciting news related to monitoring. Here are some links to the new monitoring features of v3.

Glassfish v3 has quite a bunch of extensions related to JMX and monitoring. I didn’t yet dive deep into it, but here are some links of blogs published yesterday (aggregated from @glassfish):

The mx shell is quite interesting because it is more or less the exact thing which I planned for the jmx4perl shell mode. Except that jmx4perl will use Perl and Readline and is vendor neutral. Seems that I have to hurry up ;-). It’s also interesting that Glassfish now provides also REST access to its management interfaces. But here, as it looks like, jmx4perl was a bit faster ;-).

Author: Roland Huß
Categories: jmx4perl