Devoxx 2014, Day 1

It’s Devoxx time! Mid of November in lovely Antwerp, Belgium. Five days packed with technical talks, hacks and technologies. And of course as usual a group of Consolis will bring the Devoxx atmosphere to you. We blog our experiences and impressions from Antwerp.

So be prepared to receive some on site summaries of what we have seen and what inspired us here.

“Meet the Dockers” by Nicolas de Loof, David Gageot (torsten)

The “Meet the Dockers” talk by Nicolas de Loof and David Gageot has been my first three hour university talk ever. Recent years I only attended the conference.

Of course I heard of Docker before but I only had the rough idea that it is something similar to a VM that is just a little bit “lighter”.

During the very inspiring three hours my mind started migrating my current project - that is roughly 60 war files deployed in a Glassfish - to Docker and microservices. How cool would that be. All the pain we have with huge releases, time consuming regression testing, applying changes to production, finding resource related bugs and so on. All that seems to be relieved with Docker!

Probably it will not be that simple in real life. Nevertheless after Devoxx I will definitely try to sell our customer a “microservices using Docker” approach. Not an easy task for sure! We have to find a way to get there in smaller steps but I’m absolutely sure that this is the way to go.

This excellent talk gave me the perfect Devoxx start and I’m really excited about what comes the rest of the week.

“Using traits, mixins and monads in JVM languages” by Venkat Subramaniam (fabian)

Finally I understand what a Monad is. I once tried to find it out, browsing through some Haskell documentation, but I gave up on it and decided that it is far too complex and exotic. Today, Venkat Subramaniam in his talk on “Using traits, mixins and monads in JVM languages” explained it in easy words in a few minutes. And he examplified it in several programming languages in his live coding editor. This was a great talk, there should be more of this!

Author: Christoph Deppisch
Categories: devoxx, development