Citrus 1.4 is here!

A new package of the Open Source integration test framework Citrus has just arrived. Version 1.4 comes with new features such as data dictionaries, SMTP mail support and an improved endpoints API for easier configuration. See the 1.4 documentation changes report for a detailed overview on all changes.

With the new configuration components we give credit to all users continuously giving us feedback on the Citrus configuration. With 1.4 our primary goal was to simplify the configuration without loosing the great extendability and customization capabilities of Citrus.

If you are coming from Citrus 1.x we have summarized the configuration changes in this migration sheet.

The old Citrus configuration components were marked as deprecated, so you can continue to use those components when upgrading to 1.4 without any changes. However you should consider to upgrade to the new endpoint configuration in order to be ready for the upcoming versions.

Also have a look at the new config sheet to see how the new configuration works for you.

Author: Christoph Deppisch
Tags: Citrus
Categories: citrus, development