Für alle Freunde des leichtgewichtigen JMX Monitorings findet sich in der neuesten Ausgabe des Perl Magazins eine Vorstellung von jmx4perl. In dem 9-seitigen Artikel wird JMX im Allgemeinen, die jxm4perl (bzw. Jolokia) Agenten und die Programmierung mit JMX::Jmx4Perl beleuchtet.

Die Ausgabe lässt sich online für 6 € inkl. Versandkosten bestellen. Fragen zu dem Artikel bzw. jmx4perl im Allgemeinen beantworte ich in den Kommentaren hier gerne.

Author:Roland Huß
Mod-Gearman 1.0 released

Mod-Gearman 1.0 has been released (download).
About half a year after starting development of Mod-Gearman it’s time to finish main development and release the stable 1.0.

  • use gearman to spread the load of your nagios box onto several worker
  • avoid core blocking events like eventhandler
  • distribute writing performance data


Author:Sven Nierlein
Tags:Distribution, Gearman, Nagios

Got an an internationalized Java app?
Then the maven-rbc-plugin plugin can help you finding


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Citrus 1.2.M1 released

We are very happy to announce the first milestone release of Citrus 1.2 in early 2011. The framework comes with great new features and many improvements to you. This post gives a short overview of the major changes, hope you enjoy the new features:


Author:Christoph Deppisch
Categories:citrus, development

Starting with release 0.82, Jolokia contains now a brand new Javascript client library. This blog post highlights the main features and gives some usage examples.


Author:Roland Huß
Tags:javascript, jmx, Jolokia

Überwacht man mit check_oracle_health den Füllgrad von Tablespaces einer Oracle-Datenbank, so werden in der Ausgabe des Plugins grundsätzlich alle Tablespaces aufgeführt. Dabei spielt es keine Rolle, ob ein Tablespace genügend freien Speicherplatz hat oder bereits zu voll ist. Dies hatte in der Vergangenheit zur Folge, daß die Ausgabe bei großen Datenbanken mit vielen Tablespaces sehr, sehr lang war und somit in der Web-Oberfläche von Nagios etwas unübersichtlich erschien. Mit den neuesten Releases von check_oracle_health, check_db2_health, check_mysql_health und check_mssql_health ist es nun möglich, nur noch diejenigen Tablespaces/Datenbanken anzeigen zu lassen, die voller sind als es die Schwellwerte erlauben.


Citrus includes a lot of convenient features which are only waiting for you to discover and use them. The other day I needed to validate a SoapAttachment. As you probably already know, a SoapAttachment is referenced by a href property in an Include tag like this: <Include href="..." xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2004/08/xop/include"/>. Validation is quite easy when you’re still mock testing your application because you have full control over what your mock response will look like.


Author:Yvonne Sunke
Categories:citrus, development

OMD, the new star on the open monitoring scene, has been released in version 0.44 two weeks ago with a lot of enhancements and new addons.


Devoxx - Wrap-up

Devoxx is over and it’s time for a
summary. We, the Citrus posse ;-), enjoyed the trip to Antwerp very
much and came back with a bunch of new impressions. It was a pleasure
to be part of this Java community event with great speakers and
excellent talks.


Author:Roland Huß
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Devoxx - Day 4

The last full conference day of the Devoxx was again packed full with very interesting talks of various kind. It started with a keynote about the roadmap of JEE 7. Summarizing we can expect some smooth refinements of the platform (exept maybe the support for virtualization out of the box). Here are our impression on the talks of Thursday. Please expect our summary blog post on monday since we are all now in rush to get out things done and to catch train, plain etc. We hope, you enjoyed the blog flood so far ;-)


Author:Roland Huß
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