On the previous pages of our
series on software caches in Java application servers,
we focused on an example application using caches as a simple,
stand-alone, temporary data store.

The following is an (incomplete) list of advanced features that have
not been covered on this site.

  Ehcache Hazelcast Infinispan
Off-Heap Memory: Cached data can be held in a part of the memory that is not managed by the garbage collector to improve vertical scalability. yes yes soon
Persistent Caches: Cached data can be stored on hard disk without integrating a 3rd party database. yes no no
Full-Text Search: Cached data can be made searchable, e.g. via Lucene indexes. yes no yes
WAN Replication: Clusters can be replicated across geographically separated sites. yes yes ?
GUI Tools for Maintenance: Tools visualizing maintenance data about the cache deployment. yes yes no
JMX Management: Expose maintenance data about the caches via JMX. yes yes yes
Messaging and Processing: Cluster can be used as a distributed messaging and processing platform. no yes no


The summary recapitulates some of the results.