If you ever needed to request HTTP resources with Java, you probably came across several solutions put together from a surprising number of lines. And you probably ended up with using a third party library to achieve your goal in a reasonable manner.

Good news: besides [Java 9 modules], the next JDK version comes with a brand new HTTP client, and it not only brings support for HTTP/2, but also a sleek and comprehensive API. Let’s have a closer look at the new features.


Author:Jens Klingen
Tags:java9, java, http, http2

Undertow is an open-source lightweight, flexible and performant Java server, they say. I can confirm that it’s
- lightweight: just have a look at those few lines of code to start a server and 1MB core JAR
- flexible: always feel free to provide your own implementations or use Undertow helpers to delegate usual server glue code to a more specific implementation you provide

I didn’t check or compare performance. It is the default server implementation of Wildfly Application Server and sponsored by JBoss.


Author:Philipp Renoth
Tags:undertow, http
Categories:java, http, development