Thruk Release 0.94

Straight on the road to the Thruk 1.0 this will probably the last feature release so far.
The main focus was on usability and accessibility. This version will also be in the next OMD release.

A lot of things have been done:

New Cool Theme

There is a new cool theme included dedicated to the people saying the classic gui is too ugly.
I hope this theme is better. It’s set as default theme, but if you changed your theme, you will
have to switch the theme in your preferences.

Inline Pnp4nagios Graphing

Inline pnp4nagios graphs when using a /pnp4nagios/ action_url.

Config Tool

Config tool to change most of the thruk config on the fly plus the possibility
to change htpasswd based users and your cgi.cfg.

Problems View

added a new problems view which combines your host and service problems in a single page.

Small Fixes

And a lot of small annoying things have been fixed, some of them are:
- added regular expression filter for host/servicegroups
- page moving when using the cursor keys in the search drop down
- direct feedback when rescheduling hosts/services
- small design issues

And much more, read the full changelog on

Or read more about Thruk

Author: Sven Nierlein
Tags: Nagios, Thruk
Categories: nagios, omd, thruk