Sakuli v1.1.0 released!

assets/2017-12-22-sakuli-v1.1.0/sakuli_logo_small.png Just in time before X-Mas holidays starts, we crate a huge release of our open source end-to-end testing framework Sakuli. The v1.1.0 release brings a bunch of new features and a brand new documentation with. The list of the current changes you will find bellow. Also we created a Short Overview Presentation so that you be able to get quick intro about what purpose of Sakuli is.

Also we wan’t to say a big THANK YOU for the great support of our contributors, our valued supporting companies and at least ConSol for making this possible as open source software. Double Thumbs up!!!

For everybody how doesn’t know what’s Sakuli is all about, just take a quick look into our overview presentation:

Sakuli Short Overview Presentation


If you wan’t to read more about Sakuli, see our quick links:

Changes in Version 1.1.0

Release history

See GitHub: ConSol/sakuli/releases


Download latest Version