Get version:Is displayed at the footer of every WUI page
OMD default:enabled
OMD URL:/<site>/wiki
DokuWiki is a simple to use and highly versatile Open Source wiki software that doesn't require a database.

Directory Layout

Config Directory:<site>/etc/dokuwiki
Logfiles:view apache logfiles <site>/var/log/apache
Data Directory:<site>/var/dokuwiki/data
Plugin Directory:<site>/var/dokuwiki/lib/plugins

OMD Options & vars

OMD options could be set via omd config there are also detailed and additional Informations displayed.

For short use CLI directly omd config set <OPTION> <VALUE>.

Option Value Description
Change userauth from default (Nagios) htpasswd to managed by DokuWiki WUI

Dokuwiki Plugins

Starting of the 2015-10-13 snapshot, it is possible to install own plugins
within the dokuwiki installation of OMD. Those plugins which are shipped
with OMD are symlinked into the plugin folder. Manually installed plugins
get directly installed into that folder. Shipped plugins are updated
automatically with each OMD release. Manual plugins have to be updated
within the plugin manager of dokuwiki.

  • Open the Media Manager
  • Expand the wiki folder
  • Select the logo.png
  • Click Upload a new version

changing the dokuwiki logo