OMD 2.40 Labs Edition Released

OMD Labs Edition 2.40 has been released today. The OMD Labs Edition is based on the standard OMD but adds some more useful addons like Grafana and Influxdb or additional cores like Icinga 2 and Naemon. This releases focus is on security and maintainance and removes some recently discovered CVEs in Nagios, Icinga and Naemon.

Whats new


All components have been updated to their latest stable releases including

New platforms supported

This OMD release comes with prebuild packages for Fedora 25 and SLES 12SP2.

New backup format

This release includes a new backup format which allows cross platform restores even if the old version is not installed at all. Read more about backups on the OMD Backup Page.


The only necessary change was to remove the shinken and mongodb which were unmaintained for a long time now. If you are using shinken, please install shinken the regular way now. You can still use all other components in OMD.

Full list of Changes can be found in the Changelog


Please use the Consol Labs Repository for an easy and painless intallation.

Author: Sven Nierlein
Categories: omd, nagios