OMD 2.10 Labs Edition Released

OMD Labs Edition 2.10 in has been released today. The OMD Labs Edition is based on the standard OMD but adds some
more useful addons like Grafana and Influxdb or additional cores like Icinga 2 and
Naemon. Todays release is a great milestone because it introduces grafana based graphing out of the box in the usual easy OMD way.

Whats new

Grafana / Influxdb based graphing

As new alternative to the well-known PNP4Nagios graphs a new way of graphing has been implemented in this release.
It’s easy to enable grafana graphing with the omd config menu. It’s even possible
to use both in parallel to make a smooth migration.

Grafana Graphs

A few highlights of this solution are:

  • interactive graphs
  • annotations of downtimes and notifications
  • user designed dashboards


Another new component in OMD Labs is the Coshsh configuration generator which create
nagios objects based on CMDB data or excel sheets.

SLES 12 and Fedora Support

This OMD release comes with prebuild packages for Fedora 22 and SLES 12.


All components have been updated to their latest stable releases including


The only necessary change was to remove the shared apache mode. The default mode was the own mode already and the
shared mode causes trouble in various ways, so it was better to remove it completely.


Please use the Consol Labs Repository for an easy and painless intallation.

Author: Sven Nierlein
Categories: omd, nagios