OMD 1.00 just arrived

OMD-LOGO_FINAL2 The developer team of OMD (Open Monitoring Distribution) released the version 1.00 today. Three years after the project started we decided it was time to show that OMD is no longer under development but is a mature, proven product.

This version contains lots of updated packages including Nagios 3.5.0, Shinken 1.4, Multisite 1.2.2p2, Thruk 1.72, PNP4Nagios 0.6.21, NagVis 1.7.1, check_mk 1.2.2p2 and many more.

Using the OMD Repository installation is as simple as a apt-get install omd. If you have an rpm-based system, it's as simple as yum install omd or zypper install omd.

For those who weren't using OMD yet, now there is no more reason to hesitate.

Author: Gerhard Laußer
Categories: nagios, omd