Thruk 1.64 with Multi-Language Reports

There won’t be general multi-language support in Thruk, but you may now choose different languages for your reports. The brand new release v1.64 comes with 5 built-in languages and it’s
super easy to add a new one.

All you have to do is to copy one of the existing language files into your user templates directory.

1. edit /etc/thruk/thruk_local.conf and add

user_template_path = /etc/thruk/user_templates

2. create that folder including the reports subfolder

mkdir -p /etc/thruk/user_templates/reports/locale

3. copy existing language file into locale folder and translate it

cp /usr/share/thruk/plugins/plugins-available/reports2/templates/reports/locale/ \

your path may vary unless you used packages.

4. finally restart Thruk and create a new report with your new language

 #> /etc/init.d/thruk reload
 Stopping thruk.....OK
 Starting thruk........(775) OK

thruk report

Author: Sven Nierlein
Categories: nagios