Thruk 0.70

Thruk 0.70 has been released at (download). The three major changes from user perspective are

  • side menu is completly adjustable by config file
  • excel export for hosts and services
  • search includes comments and downtimes

Side Menu

The complete menu structure is configured by the menu.conf now. You may copy the file to your menu_local.conf and completly change it to your needs. It is possible to add new categorys and links.

Excel Export

On every status page there is a new excel export button on the top right. The export contains all hosts / services from the current view.

The search got some new search abilities. This includes the comment itself but also the comment author. This also applies to downtimes and acknowledgements. This allows for examples searchs for all downtimes set by a specific person.

Internal Changes

The biggest change is an internal one. All Livestatus related functions have been moved to a separate Modul. This prepares future development of different kind of backends.

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Author: Sven Nierlein
Tags: Nagios, Thruk
Categories: nagios