Mod-Gearman 1.2.6 released

Version 1.2.6 of Mod-Gearman has just been released. You may now configure the worker queues by custom variables instead of host/servicegroups.

queues from custom variables

Sometimes you don’t want to create hostgroups to split up your checks for different worker (groups). So now you can assign a queue by custom variables. Read more about that feature in the documentation.

discarded too old service job

The error above should no longer occur. From now on there is now check on the job age by default. This is a relict from old versions and has been disabled by default now. You can enable it again by setting a ‘max-age’ value higher than zero. Although there is no need for this, as there will be only one check job per host and service at a time.


This new setting allows you to send duplicate results as active check. Default is to send them as passive check but active checks contain a few more very useful information like latency and check runtime.


Normal Download

RPM packages

Debian and Ubuntu have official packages already. Thanks to the packager.

Author: Sven Nierlein
Categories: mod-gearman, nagios