Jmx4Perl 1.07

It took quite some time, but now Jmx4Perl 1.07 is out with some nice bug fixes and enhancements for the Nagios plugin check_jmx4perl.

There has been not much noise around jmx4perl since last October, but finally the newest bug fix release is available on CPAN with the following new features and fixes:

  • j4psh can now autocomplete on MBean with quotes in their names. This long outstanding bug is finally fixed. There might still be issues with stranged name MBeans including various special characters, but for 99% of all MBean names autocompletion should work now. Please raise an issue if there are still problems with autocompletion in j4psh.

  • Also for j4psh all commands working with wildcards (like cat) match now case insensitively.

  • BaseMBean, BaseAttribute and BasePath can be used as alternative to the Base configuration directive when defining Nagios checks for check_jmx4perl.

  • The agent management tool jolokia can now do repack and info without an active internect connection.

  • Multi-Checks in check_jmx4perl can now reference other Multi-Checks either via <MultiCheck> as before or now with <Check> so you don’t have to care what kind of check you are referencing from within a Multi-Check definition.

  • A new option --perfdata off has been added to check_jmx4perl so that the generation of Nagios performance data can be omitted. The corresponding configuration directive is called PerfData. For string based checks (i.e. boolean checks comparing against a fixed string value), performance data is now turned off by default. Finally, if PerfData % is used for relative checks, the relative values are added to the performance data instead of the absolute values.

  • For Nagios check outputs the placeholders %y and %z can be used for the configured “warning” and “critical” thresholds, respectively.

This new 1.07 version has been added to the lastests OMD snapshot, too and is available as download package from CPAN.