Jmx4Perl 1.05 and Jolokia 1.0.3

Jmx4Perl and her sister project Jolokia received some spring updates.

Jolokia has now support for cross-origin resource sharing
(CORS), which allows Javascript clients to access Jolokia agents
from everywhere, avoiding the ‘same origin policy’ in a controlled
manner. The server side allows now by default all cross-domain
requests, but this can be restricted with Jolokia’s
security setup. The Javascript library already support CORS
for most browsers out of the box, for IE8 and larger some special
setup is still required. Transparent CORS client support for all
browsers will be added to the Jolokia Javascript client in one of the
next releases.

Additionally, Jolokia adds the following new features:

  • AMD support for jolokia.js and jolokia-simple.js
  • Time based eviction of historical values remembered on the client
    side, in addition to count based eviction.
  • New configuration option httpServiceFilter for the OSGi agent for
    selection of a specific HttpService to bind to.
  • None-caching headers added to the response

Jmx4Perl also received a minor update to 1.0.5 with the following

  • Fix for some build issues and enhanced installation experience by
    embedding Module::Build into the distro.
  • Fixes for some check_jmx4perl default configurations files
  • Updated documentation for jmx4perl explaining the --method and
    --legacy-escape parameters.
  • Added new command pwd for printing the current MBean to j4psh as well as options -a and -o for selecting attributes or operations while doing an ls on an MBean. Wildcards are supported for ls as well.

Starting with this release, bug tracking and release planning for
Jolokia and Jmx4Perl switches over to Jolokia’s JIRA instance,
kindly donated by the fine folks from Atlassian.