Halloween Update: Jmx4Perl 1.01 and Jolokia 1.0.1

Small updates have arrived for Jmx4Perl and Jolokia.

Beside bug fixes, the two versions bring the following new features:

  • Jmx4Perl:
    • jolokia fixed download problems for the JVM agent
    • Boolean values are printed now correctly in j4psh
    • Lowered version numbers of some dependencies
  • Jolokia:
    • JVM agent can now also take a regular expression instead a process id for dynamically attaching the Jolokia agent to a running Java process. The pattern is matched against the process' descriptions.
    • Collections others than lists and maps (like a Set) are returned as JSON arrays now.

    That's it for now. Happy Halloween everybody ...

Author: Roland Huß
Categories: jmx4perl, jolokia