Jmx4Perl 1.10

It took some time, yes. In the past year most of the action was on the Jolokia side, but now Jmx4Perl 1.10 is out of the cage. It comes with a tons of fixes plus additional goodies:

  • j4psh allows * as wildcard for selecting MBeans with cd. This is very useful on system with complex MBean names containing special characters and space for which the autocompletion of readline is buggy. I tried to fix the autocompletion, too, but it is really a beast. If someone with some Readline and TTY fu sends me a pull request for this, I would be more than happy.
  • The check_jmx4perl predefined check memory_gc_time now measure the the duration for the GC relative to elapsed time. I.e. it is now a percentage value between 0 and 100 and it shows the overhead the garbage collection takes. I.e. a value of 10% means that for the last period (typically 5 minutes for Nagios) the garbage collection took 10% of the time. This is a strong indicator that something is going to run amok in the memory subsystem.
  • The output for Nagios multi checks can be configured now. This includes the summary line as well the prefix for individual checks contained in the multi check.
  • Nagios checks using JMX operations can provide an argument to the check, too.
  • The CLI tool jolokia can be used offline for repackaging the agent.

OMD was also updated for this release and should be available in the latest snapshots. All of the glory details can be found in the CHANGES.