Jmx4Perl 0.60 released

Jmx4Perl’s next release 0.60 is out in the wild.

This release contains

  • OSGi bundle (including dependencies) for exposing JMX JSON export via an OSGi HTTP-Service. It’s in agent/modules/j4p-osgi.
  • Refined error handling.
  • Added support for overloaded JMX operations for ‘list’ and ‘exec’
  • ‘read’ operation can now be used without an attribute name in which
    case the value of all attributes is returned. This can be used
    directly with JMX::Jmx4Perl and the frontend jmx4perl.
  • Support for Resin 3.1 added.
  • ‘exec’ operation can now deal with simple array arguments. Within
    the perl modules, put in an array ref for array arguments. This
    gets translated intoto a comma separated list of values in the
    request string. For string arrays this works only with simple content
    (i.e. no element containing a ‘,’), though.
  • Removed legacy JDK 1.4 support. 0.36 is the one and only version
    for which the JDK 1.4 backport has been tested to some amount.

The agent war, the Mule Agent and the OSGi Bundle can be found on our Maven repository.

Author: Roland Huß
Tags: jmx, Jmx4Perl
Categories: jmx4perl