Devoxx - here we come !

The ConSol posse is on the road again for having a good and inspiring time at Devoxx. Devoxx is probably one of the best things what can happen to a Java developer. Marcel, Alvin, Jan and myself (Roland) will be at the show for the whole week, Christoph, Torsten and Christian will join us on wednesday.

And same as last year we will blog about it like hell ;-). Devoxx covers a multitude of topics, ranging from the omnipresent Android and JavaFX stuff, but also HTML5, JEE and some DevOps are in the bowl. With seven parallel tracks during the main conference this year it will become really hard to decide which sessions to attend. But since all talks get recorded and are available at Parleys soon after the conference, it is not that catastrophic. Even better, a Parleys subscription is included in the conference fee!

Personally, for me this year’s Devoxx is also special since I’m going to give my first Devoxx presentation on Jolokia: JMX on Capsaicin ! Of course, I will tell you how it was ;-). Currently I feel quite confident since I did a good deal of preparations for it. BTW, if you attend this talk and in case you like hot chili pepper, come by after the show, I have some Bhut Jolokias and 7 Pot Habaneros for tasting. But be careful, they are REALLY HOT ! You have been warned ;-) …

So please stay tuned, expect the first review blog post on tuesday. If you want to follow us more closely, we are at Twitter as well at @ConSol_Labs

Author: Roland Huß
Categories: devoxx, java, development