Devoxx 2014, Ignite Sessions

“Devoxx Ignite sessions” (fabian)

Devoxx ignite sessions are a great thing: Each speaker has 20 slides in 5 minutes, the slides are auto-forwarding, so each slide is up 15 seconds. During the hour long ignite session you would hear 8 talks. Today, we learned how to make money, ride a mountain bike, do performance tuning, save the planet, be a diabolical developer, share a house, do open source, decode the airspace, and why Stephen Chin’s job sucks.

The format reminds a bit of TED’s talks, talks are quick, innovative, and engaging. Sometimes I even felt that the take away of a five minute talk is not necessarily less than the take away of the three hour university sessions.

Author: Christoph Deppisch
Categories: devoxx, development