Docker Headless VNC Container 1.3.0 Released

Docker Headless VNC Container 1.3.0 has been released today. The different Docker images contains a complete VNC based, headless UI environment for testautomation like Sakuli does or simply for web browsing and temporary work in a throw-away UI container. The functionality is pretty near to a VM based image, but can be started in seconds instead of minutes. Each Docker image has therefore installed the following components:

  • Desktop environment Xfce4 or IceWM
  • VNC-Server (default VNC port 5901)
  • noVNC - HTML5 VNC client (default http port 6901)
  • Browsers:
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Chromium

For more information about the usage take a look at

Updates for Version 1.3.0

  • change default USER to 1000 (#61)
  • refactor vnc startup script (#73)
    • add help option --help
    • ensure correct forwarding of shutdown signals
    • add “DEBUG” mode and move all log output to this mode
    • update
  • merge pull request from:
  • add example for Kubernetes usage (#71)
  • remove verbose output by default from script
Author: Tobias Schneck
Categories: development