Devoxx Talks about HTTP2 and Citrus Framework

Fabian and Christoph have been invited to speak at Devoxx Conference 2016 in Antwerp, Belgium. Watch their talks to learn more about HTTP2 and Citrus Framework.

Dr. Fabian Stäber: unRESTful Web Services with HTTP/2

HTTP/2, the new version of the HTTP protocol, provides a lot of new features for server-to-server communication:

  • bidirectional communication using push requests
  • multiplexing within a single TCP connection
  • long running connections
  • stateful connections
  • HTTP/2 does not define a JavaScript API, so JavaScript clients running in a Web browser can make only limited use of the new capabilities. However, for server-to-server communication, HTTP/2 provides a lot of ways to go beyond existing REST APIs.

This talk shows HTTP/2’s potential for new server-to-server APIs.

Christoph Deppisch: Testing Microservices with a Citrus twist

Citrus is a powerful Open Source integration testing tool for automated service API tests. The framework concentrates on the interfaces to boundary applications and services with the ability to exchange messages on client and server side with different message transports (Http, JMS, TCP/IP, FTP, …) and formats (XML, JSON). The primary goal is an automated integration test of all service APIs where real message communication is sent over the wire. The framework helps to manage complex test scenarios with multiple services interacting with each other. Citrus integrates with frameworks like Apache Camel, Arquillian, Kubernetes and Docker in order to provide automated integration testing of Microservice applications. The tools in action session gives a brief introduction to the Citrus framework and shows code samples for a complete integration test scenario in a Microservices environment.

Author: Jens Klingen
Categories: development