With the release of OpenShift 4.x Red Hat left no stone unturned (compared to previous 3.x versions). Among many things Minishift became Red Hat CodeReady Containers. Having been a big fan of Minishift I recently wanted to give CodeReady Containers (aka CRC) a try.

Turned out this is not that easy - at least if you want to run CRC on a Linux that does not come from Red Hat (or its community). This article gives instructions for all those people out there who want to run CodeReady Containers on Ubuntu.

Update 2020-12-17: According to this comment on GitHub by one of the maintainers / developers of Red Hat CodeReady Containers the issues with Ubuntu have been resolved in the latest version of CRC.


Author:Markus Hansmair
Tags:openshift, linux, ubuntu
Categories:devops, linux
Arch Linux for Devs

This report is about the experience, I’ve made with Arch Linux as the operating system for a developers workstation. You’ll be introduced into the concepts of Arch Linux, followed by a introduction into the main tasks such as package installation and OS maintenance. At the end, I’ll discuss why I think that Arch Linux is a great OS for developers, and finish with a conclusion.