OMD 2.80 Labs Edition Released

OMD Labs Edition 2.80 has been released today. The OMD Labs Edition is based on the standard OMD but adds some more useful addons like Grafana and Prometheus or additional cores like Icinga 2 and Naemon. This release updates many of the shiped components and adds some more usefull features.

Whats new


All components have been updated to their latest stable releases including

New platforms supported

This OMD release comes with new prebuild packages for Fedora 28 and Ubuntu 18.04.

SELinux Support

On Centos and redhat SELinux is now supported and you don’t have to disable
SELinux anymore to run OMD.

Improved OS Updates

Previous releases could not be uninstalled without removing all sites using
that version. This made it quite hard for OS updates, for example from Debian 8
to Debian 9. With the release 2.80 you can uninstall OMD but keep your sites.
Then upgrade your OS followed by reinstalling OMD and update your sites by
running omd update with the new version.

For example:

    #> apt-get dist-upgrade
    #> apt-get install omd
    #> su - site
    %> omd update

OMD Cleanup

There is a new command omd cleanup which removes all omd versions which are
currently not used by any site. If no site exists on that machine, all omd
versions will be removed.

    #> omd cleanup

New OMD Config Options

There are two new omd config options related to the apache webserver. You can
set an alias, which will be used as an alternative url prefix instead of the
usual sitename. This is useful if you have to use technical user and sitenames
but still want a nice url.

The second option redirects / to your site. This is useful if your machines only
job is OMD and you simply want to append the sitename to the url /.

New Grafana Datasource

Next to the major update from Grafana 4 to Grafana 5 we added a Thruk
datasource. This datasource can be used to query Thruks API for hostnames,
servicenames or any other livestatus data. This is useful to fill variables
used in dashboards or to create table widgets which textual data.


The full list of Changes can be found in the Changelog


Always use the Consol Labs Repository for an easy and painless intallation / update.

Author: Sven Nierlein
Categories: omd, nagios