OMD 2.60 Labs Edition Released

OMD Labs Edition 2.60 has been released today. The OMD Labs Edition is based on the standard OMD but adds some more useful addons like Grafana and Prometheus or additional cores like Icinga 2 and Naemon. This release updates many of the shiped components and adds some interesting options when resolving update conflicts.

Whats new


All components have been updated to their latest stable releases including

New platforms supported

This OMD release comes with new prebuild packages for Debian 10, Fedora 26 and Ubuntu 17.04.

New merge options

This release adds the ‘vimdiff’ to the possible options when resolving merge conflicts during OMD updates. ‘vimdiff’ is also available as OMD command when having a look at changed files via ‘omd diff’. We also added a ‘reset’ command to simply reset a changed file to the default version.

For example:

    %> echo "test" >> .profile
    %> omd diff
    %> omd vimdiff .profile
    %> omd reset .profile

Hot Backups

OMD will no longer complain when doing a backup when OMD is still running. Instead there is a warning displayed which reminds you, that certain components might have issues with restores from hot backups, such like databases. Also there is a chance to loose some data which hasn’t been stored to disk yet.

    %> omd backup /tmp/site.tar.gz

Improved Bash-Completion

OMD now completes almost all OMD commands. You may need install bash-completion os packages which isn’t a hard dependency and not installed automatically.

    %> omd reload [tab][tab]


The full list of Changes can be found in the Changelog


Always use the Consol Labs Repository for an easy and painless intallation / update.

Author: Sven Nierlein
Categories: omd, nagios