Mod-Gearman 1.2.2 released

Posted on February 15th, 2012 by sven

Version 1.2.2 of Mod-Gearman has just been released. It now comes with better orphaned check detection and easier installation for rpm based linux systems.

Orphaned Check Detection

Orphaned Checks occur whenever there are checks to do but no worker available. The two main reasons:

  • network outages
  • misconfiguration

The Mod-Gearman NEB module will now submit a fake result for each orphaned check. This should help detecting errors and misconfigurations earlier. The old behaviour can be restored with


This should help generating more accurate reports. Monitoring the Gearman daemon is also advisable to detect queues without workers.

RPM Packages

There are Debian and Ubuntu Packages for a long time already and now there will be packages for RPM based linux systems too. Starting with SLES and Centos/Redhat we will create binary packages for each release including the gearmand daemon itself.
For other RPM based systems, it should be easy to build packages by yourself using rpmbuild.


Normal Download
RPM packages
Debian and Ubuntu have official packages already. Thanks to the packager.

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